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improve your social media accounts for creative customer outreach

Our social media management company is known for its multi-skilled pool of specialists who are fanatics about all things social media! Our team of digital marketing specialists boasts a wealth of experience across multiple channels of social media networks. This includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, and Instagram.

how we can help

We can help on multiple levels depending on your needs. As a social media management specialist, we understand that client needs differ. Some customers need help with integrating social media channels onto their websites. Whereas others need more of a strategic focus on a particular social media platform. This can be aligning a profile so it reflects your brand, products, and services. We analyse your social media strategy at whatever level. You can be sure our integrated service will produce real measurable results.

social media management is evolving

It’s well-known fact that the digital world is constantly growing and evolving. Chances are, the conversation is happening around your brand – and you need to be a part of it!. An optimal social media strategy will allow you to reach your target audience and taps into your industry market. Well thought out content marketing and marketing campaigns that will make sure you have an effective social media strategy.

When this marketing tool is used correctly, your online presence will improve SEO (search engine optimization) results. Also, it’ll add an extra facet to your marketing plan. Our social media management is far-reaching, cost-effective, highly targeted, and by far the best way of gaining direct and immediate engagement from customers.

social media growth paid & organic reach

Social media for business is often a greatly misunderstood marketing medium. From large, household brands with a significant budget available to harness the power social platforms can provide – to smaller concerns. So, if you’re just branching out into social media marketing, we apply your budget wisely for the greatest return on investment.

Outsourcing its management to our expert team, who live and breathe social media, will boost engagement and help build a considerable online profile. We utilise these platforms appropriately, with an integrated approach that ties into over-arching marketing strategies and strikes the right balance between social and sales.

blogging & content marketing

Blogs are a fantastic content marketing tool that allows you to expand on the information you share with customers. So, it should definitely play a key role in any annual marketing strategy. The restrictions of brochures, adverts, and even websites, when space is at a premium, often don’t allow for detailed descriptions of services. This is where blogging can be key to sharing weightier messages about a company and its work.

We can integrate a fully branded blog into a new or existing website and provide a complete, ongoing management service writing fresh and appealing content that draws the reader and
encourages social shares.

social media management training & workshops

For Birmingham, West Midlands and all UK businesses with the man-power and time available to manage their social media in-house, we offer versatile team training to help plan and execute successful campaigns. Nonetheless, we offer bespoke group workshops or one-to-one tailored social media training for companies and individuals, to help you gain a better understanding, and make the most of social media for business.