search engine optimisation

maximise visibility and success on all major search engines

Search Engine Optimisation is of vital importance to the online growth of your business. You could have a beautifully designed website with fantastic products and the best prices, however, if no one can find your web on Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, then your website will never achieve its true potential. SEO Nuts uses 100% ethical 'white-hat' search optimisation techniques to improve and secure your web presence within Google and other search engines. We don't believe in taking shortcuts, as these can lead to your site losing position (Or being removed by the search engines). As an Online Marketing Agency, we approach your SEO using a strategic approach developed out of many years' experience.

seo built-in from the outset

It is vital for your website structure and design to be optimised for SEO. Unless your website is designed correctly, it can hinder any search engine optimisation added at a later date. SEO Nuts build search-friendly websites from the ground up, meaning your site will be easily indexed by Google. We will research your competitors' sites, develop a strategic marketing plan, then design and build your website optimally. Once live, we improve your website rankings through regular monitoring, optimisation and reporting.

relevant keywords and content

We will help you choose the most relevant and effective keywords for your industry. We don't stuff your site full of irrelevant sales spiel in order to manipulate the search engines (as this is very detrimental) nor do we purchase bulk links etc., but instead work with you to ensure the content of your site is relevant, balanced and informative.

completely uk based

All of our SEO and design work is carried out right here in the UK.

international seo

So your website is either not in English or is hosted overseas? No problem. We work with technical translators and can optimise websites for non-English keywords and localised search engines.

do I need seo?

Yes, if you want your website to be found. The amount of visitors arriving at your website via search engines depends very much on the results page it's listed on for relevant keywords. Page one is significantly better than page two, page two is better than page three etc. (In general, people tend not to venture too far past page three).