pr & advertising

crafting cross-media campaigns that give you the edge

If you’re ready to make a media splash, regionally or nationally, our respected and trusted PR and advertising teams can create attention-grabbing campaigns that give you the edge. Our editorial team combine decades of experience working in the media as journalists and editors and have an unrivalled reputation in gaining maximum coverage for your news stories in both on and offline media. For visual ads that turn heads, trust our expert graphic design team who specialise in advert creation for a range of media. We guarantee you’ll be hitting the headlines for all the right reasons.


Well planned and executed PR boosts your reputation and gives you a reach of potentially millions through skilled writing and story placement. Why use us? Put simply, journalists take our calls. We won’t waste your time on stories editors aren’t interested in and we have excellent media contacts throughout the UK.

Our media experience gives us the edge, understanding the etiquette of story pitching and tailoring press releases for publication. Whether you’re looking for national or regional coverage, we know what works and can find an angle editors will respond to, giving you maximum exposure.


Advert design is a honed skill that draws on every aspect of a marketing and design team’s expertise. Where budget has been allocated to advertising space, seeing a return on investment is critical – whether the purpose of the advert is to increase footfall to premises, invite telephone enquiries or drive traffic to an online site.

Don’t rely on a publication’s in-house design team who have no affiliation with, or passion for your business. Remember, in an industry magazine you could be positioned directly adjacent to a business rival. This makes it all the more essential to have the superior advert.

Adverts, more than any other design medium, need to be attention-grabbing, with a strong marketing message and call to action. This is where our marketing team’s creativity, imagination and experience become all the more significant, especially where space is at a premium. We create adverts for print that leap from the page and draw in potential customers.