social media & covid-19: communicating during a crisis

social media & covid-19: communicating during a crisis

Social Media & Covid-19 has been the talking point amongst the digital marketing community for some time now. The way businesses have communicated during the crisis has been awe-inspiring, to say the least. We are certainly seeing a shift in how social platforms are being used and more businesses than ever are taking to news feeds. Especially from a PR perspective, it’s been an incredibly useful tool. However, amid the pandemic, it has taken some imagination and reinvention of daily content, particularly, whilst businesses are closed or experiencing changes to daily operations.

online and digital activities during covid 19

A study conducted by Datareportal shows that 4 in 10 internet users say that they’re still spending more time using social media, while 1 in 7 respondents say that they’re continuing to create and upload more video content.

With an ever-growing audience shifting to their news feeds, you will find your competition is already riding the wave. They’re reinventing social content in a way that has never been seen before. Adapting and tuning in to the ever-changing landscape of user behavior. They’re creating bespoke video content, podcasts, and new apps to aid services and products. Along with an unbeatable response time to social messaging on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

but there’s a much tougher reality out there

Let’s be truthful, unfortunately, few businesses have been left unscathed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small-to-medium-size businesses, especially, were among the first to feel the brunt force of certain restrictions throughout the country. Businesses are short on funds, uninspired and spirits dampened to say the very least.

At Nutcracker Design and Marketing, we feel it is an absolute necessity to share our online marketing knowledge within the business community during this time. We have been advising our clients who have temporarily closed their doors or seeing a significant decline in business. We want to help and try to remedy the current climate for those who are struggling. We also have grant funding available to some industries needing extra support with their marketing during the crisis. (you can ask us about that here, just drop us a message).

keep talking and gathering data

Increase interactivity with your followers. Ask questions and start gathering data to improve your business’s services for the future. Keep ahead of the curve and push forward and stay up to date with the way your industry is changing during this period. You can use free tools such as Google Surveys to facilitate customized market research.

offer a helping hand to your community

Offer help to local communities, remind people that we’re experiencing the pandemic as a whole, and offer support to those who are particularly struggling. People are much likely to remember a brand that helped them navigate through these hard times so it’s important to be visible.

stay engaged with your audience

The truth is, you need to stay engaged with your customers on social media during this time, in fact, it’s never been so important. Use this as an opportunity to inform your customers of changes to your business’s operations e.g takeaway only/appointment only. If your business provides a service, you can let clients know about re-arranging appointments, refunds, and billing. Are you are continuing to offer some level of customer support? – let your customers know. Give them the best way to reach you through your social channels. If you’re completely closed, you could revisit customer testimonials and build brand trust. Showcase services and engage customers through imagery and video that’ll spike the imagination of your consumers for when things start moving again.

“their awareness & understanding of our market sector made the creative process incredibly straight forward”

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Posted by Nutcracker Design & Marketing on Tuesday, 3 November 2020

keep it real

If you do decide to share information about COVID-19, it’s really important you don’t share ‘fake news’ or misinformation. Spreading information that isn’t from a trusted source can destroy your brand overnight. If you do decide, make you sure it’s from credible sources, such as credible news sites and the WHO (World Health Organization)

keep blogging

Like your social media posts, you can keep customers up to date and showcase your content through blogging too. Also, regular blog posting sends great signals to Search engines, so you can get some extra SEO points in the meantime.

provide industry-relevant tips

A lot of businesses have created dynamic content to keep their finger on the button. For example, if you’re a driving instructor, you could offer insight into test routes or provide your own hazard perception tool. The goal is to keep your social media pool engaged by continuing to share knowledge. It takes adaptation, creativity, and thinking outside the box.

remember to have a break

It’s important to stay connected on social platforms for your business, it’s also just as important to switch off for your own mental health. Once you have published content, try not to get sucked into the politics and anxieties that social media can bring with it. Perhaps, use other members of staff to help manage your accounts and bring ideas to the table. After all, collaboration can create some of the best content!