Nutcracker – Supporting the Unsung Heroes

Supporting the Unsung Heroes

For many of us, the coronavirus outbreak has meant working from home and avoiding contact with people through social distancing. However, for some of us, it has meant bravely keeping calm and carrying on with work, helping and caring for people who have caught the virus, in a role which has been frequently neglected, under-equipped and underfunded.

It has been staggering to hear how our courageous doctors and nurses have continued to work, even though they have a lack of protective equipment (with some staff sharing face masks and gloves), a lack of testing for the condition, as well as a lack of medical equipment needed for patients such as ventilators.

Though it has been wonderful to see the public’s support for this crucial service over the last nine weeks, in particular the Clap for our Carers campaign which has seen rounds of applause taking place up and down the country on Thursdays at 8pm, it’s important to recognise what the NHS has done for us, not just during this crisis but for every day of the last 70 plus years since its creation.

This letter comes to you as a plea to not forget what they have done for us during this time and that when this crisis is over and our lives begin to go back to normal, that our appreciation and gratefulness can become a driving force for real, meaningful change for the NHS, how it is funded and how it is run by the government.

In the meantime, take care everyone, continue to follow all advice and stay safe.

The Team at Nutcracker Design and Marketing