Lockdown – Get on Top of Your Marketing

Lockdown – Get on Top of Your Marketing!

The spread of Coronavirus is no doubt one of the biggest public health concerns in recent memory and in recent weeks we have seen more businesses and public services closing temporarily and staff working from home to try to limit the spread of coronavirus. However, it does present quite a few opportunities and if you and your business can take advantage of them then your business will benefit both through the crisis and beyond.

1) Make a great impression on existing customers

Some companies within industries will make the decision to close completely for the crisis which is of course entirely their decision. However, if your company can stay open and work long-distance and not only that maintain a positive relationship with customers (even better in such a way that they don’t even notice the difference) then this can help grow customer loyalty in your business and retain your existing client base.

2) Identify inefficiencies in the business

For many companies, working long-distance from home may be a daunting new prospect and probably hasn’t really been considered before. Though jokes on social media aside about how we will now find out which meetings could be resolved by email, by working from home it can be a great way to review current working practices and procedures and identify inefficiencies.

It can also present opportunities to grow that you may not have thought of – perhaps you provide a service locally but with tools such as video conferencing perhaps methods could be found of expanding your services to people more widely?

3) Review those “niggly” marketing jobs that are still outstanding

Marketing is one of the most critical parts of any business – getting the word out there on your product and services so that prospective customers find your business to solve their problems. However, it is also the most time consuming and is often frequently overlooked in the day to day running of a business. Tasks such as writing text for your new website or brochure can seem less important when you have the day to day tasks of running your business to contend with.

However, for much of the next few weeks and months the day to day running of your business will change and time may be freed up so it can be a perfect opportunity to do those time consuming tasks which have been on your “to do” list for a while now.

Similarly, if you have been considering initiating a new marketing strategy then now can be the perfect time to develop the finer details of it, with distractions from the day to day running of your business likely to be minimal. It can also be a great opportunity to review current marketing efforts to analyse your existing strategy and identify areas of improvement.

4) Other companies may fall behind

If your competitors are not prioritising their marketing during this time then it can be very easy for them to fall behind. In particular with digital marketing strategies such as SEO, the search engines frequently update and change their algorithms and companies not keeping up to date with changes may find their rankings begin to fall backwards. By continuing the drive for SEO and other digital marketing strategies you may actually find you surpass your competitors and your business is in even better shape when you return.

Here at Nutcracker Design, we have a close-knit and dedicated team of marketing specialists and we will be remaining open to help businesses with their marketing during the difficult time – you can speak to one of our team by calling 01384 455141.