Case Study – Whizz Kids

Client: Whizz Kids

We were approached by the Whizz Kidz charity who asked us if we would support them by designing some promotional elements for a campaign they were running to raise awareness of the difficulties disabled children face as regards to their independence. This involved designing materials to go into an information pack that will be taken around schools to get able-bodied children and their families both educated in the plight of disabled children and to raise financial aid.

As part of the pack, an idea was proposed to us to illustrate a cartoon ‘Bee’ mascot character in a wheelchair with the name ‘Buzz’. We created the character which provoked a very positive response from the customer, however we thought that the name ‘Buzz’ was a little too masculine, so renamed the character ‘Whizzy Bee’ which we felt was much more applicable and promoted the overall ethos of Whizz Kidz in a more positive manner, not being gender-specific.

We then designed a range of marketing materials featuring Whizzy Bee which are listed below.

About the Client

Whizz Kidz work hard to transform the lives of disabled children across the UK, supporting them to become confident and independent young adults. The organisation does this by providing the equipment, support and life skills they need, when they need them – giving them the chance to develop their full potential.

Process of delivery

Project delivery included:

Illustrate the ‘Whizzy Bee’ mascot and feature within the promotional pack, comprising:

  • ‘Spot the Difference’ interactive A4 leaflet
  • A4 Story-Writing Sheet
  • Printed C4 Envelope with Sponsor Form
  • Roll-Up Banner