Google Prioritising Searches on Mobile Devices

Google Prioritising Search Results for Mobile Devices

Google will be splitting its search index and focussing primarily on the Mobile Index. This ‘Mobile First’ version will be rapidly updated whereas the desktop version will not be updated as frequently. This is especially important for Business to Consumer where almost 60% of all searches originate from mobile devices. With this shift, Google is making mobile website searches the default.

What will this change mean for your business?

Once the roll-out begins, people searching from a mobile device will only see the best mobile-friendly sites. Businesses that have their website optimised for mobile searches should see a boost in ranking positions. However those that haven’t optimised their site for mobiles (where the mobile site lacks some content that the desktop site contains) may see a drop in rankings in the mobile index or may even completely disappear from it altogether.

Historically, even after the Mobilegeddon update, Google has always looked to the desktop version of a site as its main priority; only using mobile versions as a kind of ‘supplement’. After this update, Google will be looking to the mobile version of pages first—hence the term, ‘Mobile First’.

Google has said it does not plan to roll this out until 2018, but we advise you to act now if you know your site is not optimised for mobile searches. Having a site which is non-compliant would be detrimental to business you obtain via the Internet.

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